Yesterday’s Technology will not able protect tomorrow attack

Every day we are getting  news  of data leaks, modern attack, Crypto mining , and ransomware attacks.

Cybersecurity solutions built on traditional technologies are struggling to keep pace and cybersecurity incidents continue to grow with escalating impact 

Basis on various reports  it has been proven that approx. detection time is 100-200 days to understand that they have been compromised, and another 50 days takes actually able to stop the bleeding.

We must forget the perimeter. There’s no inside or outside the organization anymore. We  need elasticity fencing  and friction-free security for the people who need access to our systems and data

It is not sufficient to have a checklist approach on security any longer:

I got Anti-Virus check, I got Firewall check. Instead we first need to change our mindset from “I cannot get hacked, I am secure” to “I need to assume breach and I really need to protect, detect and respond to these threats”.

We need to maximize the Security for application as well as data and then determine what further roadmap are required but not only in technology but also in processes and people readiness.

My recommendation for anyone , is to first change the mindset and acknowledge the possibility to get hacked is a serious threat that will happen. Then assess your existing investments and do not just buy yet another appliance or cloud service.

we can’t solve these challenges with yesterday’s thinking and yesterday’s technology

The right technology, process and people will let you detect and respond quickly to cyber-attacks across mail, endpoint and infrastructure. 

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